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A Prime Brand For Jeff Ruby From Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency

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In 2008, Holland Advertising : Interactive convinced Jeff Ruby, one of the nation’s most renowned restaurateurs, that his name was an effective part of his brand.

When our Cincinnati advertising agency started working with Ruby, three of his restaurants did not show his name in their logos. One of the three restaurants was known as The Waterfront – a fine dining restaurant floating on the Ohio River. And without any sort of wager, Holland had bet Jeff Ruby no one knew The Waterfront was owned by him.

Our marketing strategy then went into solidifying the corporate identity for Jeff Ruby’s Culinary Entertainment and all of its corresponding restaurants. Holland designed each logo with an oval shape and gold/black/white color scheme. Inside each oval, we placed the name of the restaurant in a distinguishable font, and finally, Ruby’s recognizable signature. Once the logo for each restaurant was created, we put together an elaborate Brand Standard book to ensure these methods were used perfectly in all marketing outlets.

With the Brand Standard set, our Cincinnati advertising agency then launched several campaigns. From February to July, we ran a 14×48 ft. rotary bulletin through Norton Outdoor; In March 2008, we ran a coupon through RSVP’s promotional post-cards targeting people between the ages of 30-64 and who were highly-educated earners with household incomes; And finally, in April 2008, we ran a 7-week flight of a 30-second spot and a 10-second spot on network T.V.

After it was all said and done, Jeff Ruby saw an 18% sales lift during the 90-day promotional period as a result of the direct mail and the expressway billboard. Tom Norton of Norton Outdoor commended Holland saying it was the best branding work that had ever been done in Cincinnati.  In fact, our Cincinnati advertising agency was proven to be right when Jeff Ruby said people dined in his restaurants and commented on how they didn’t know he owned The Waterfront as well as his two other restaurants.

Since then, Jeff Ruby has continued to keep his name on the logos of his restaurants. Even though he may have lost the “bet,” he did win a cohesive brand that was easily recognizable to consumers. In fact, after all these years he has kept his brand standards almost exactly the same with only a few minor changes if any.

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You can review some of our work with Jeff Ruby below: