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Advance Dentistry Doubles Its Business Thanks To Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency

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In 2010, Holland Advertising : Interactive was challenged by our client, Advanced Family & Implant Dentistry, to grow their established dental practice by 120 patients each month. Additionally, to make the goal even more challenging, our Cincinnati advertising agency was determined to only use the previous year’s budget to make it happen.

After meeting with Dr. Scott Sayre from Advanced Family & Implant Dentistry, we understood the new campaign needed to address the primary reasons why most people avoid the dentist. Our Cincinnati advertising agency needed to develop a compelling message that helped people overcome their fear of visiting the dentist. Since the practice wasn’t targeting families, our first step was to shorten the practice’s name from Advanced Family & Implant Dentistry to the more simple Advance Dentistry.

Along with the new company name, we created a new corporate identity and brand tagline. The tagline simply stated, “Your Comfort is Our Top Priority,” to calm the fears of potential patients. In addition, new creative was developed in television, radio, and print to recognize and calm their target audience’s fear.

After analyzing the previous year’s media buy, Holland reallocated the television investment with a plan to reach the target demographic with greater frequency. By reallocating money spent on FOX 19 and moving it to WLWT, WCPO, and WKRC we were able to reach the target market of women 35 years plus more successfully. In fact, the new television schedule resulted in a 40% increased reach of the target market.

Money reallocations didn’t stop at television, though. Our Cincinnati advertising agency moved money around to also run more focused radio on WLW and print ads for The Cincinnati Enquirer.

Once everything was put into place, Holland Advertising : Interactive implemented an innovative digital dashboard to track and record each incoming phone call from each media utilized. Data from the digital dashboard identified that 264 calls were received in the first month of implementation, and 166 of these resulted in new patients – a 38% increase over Advance Dentistry’s initial goal. Twelve months into the program, Advance Dentistry saw a 46% increase with an average of 175 new patients per month.

Within a year, Advance Dentistry had doubled its business and expanded its facility. Near the end of the campaign, Advance Dentistry was averaging 250 new patients per month, a huge 108% increase over their original goal of 120 new patients per month.

Would you like to see if it’s possible to experience the same kind of growth without increasing the dollars you currently spend on marketing? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com and you can become one of our many client success stories.