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Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Brands
Office Furniture Source For Greater ROI

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 4 of 12

At Holland Advertising : Interactive, our celebration for 80 years of client success stories continues as we take a look back on what we have done with Office Furniture Source since 2012.

As Cincinnati’s premier office furniture specialist, Office Furniture Source has more than 30 years of success in serving its clients. Their value doesn’t just come from having the widest selection of in-stock furniture in the region, though. They also have unparalleled service from design experts who utilize 3-D software and an installation team that delivers and assembles furniture at your office.

When our Cincinnati advertising agency began working with Office Furniture Source, we recognized they needed a new website. Our challenge was to turn the website into a strategic tool to communicate their brand story while leveraging search engine optimization (SEO). We were also determined to increase traffic to the website from qualified prospects and in return create an opportunity to increase sales.

To achieve our goals, we first developed Office Furniture Source’s brand story and created the tagline: “Largest Showroom. Experienced Team. Designed for ROI.” Then we created the new website which implemented SEO keyword research, site analysis, and SEO copy.

As a result, our Cincinnati advertising agency successfully increased organic visits to Office Furniture Source’s website. In fact, a keyword research report done on May 1, 2015 showed Holland Advertising’s efforts in leveraging SEO helped Office Furniture Source rank onto the first page of search engine results. The report also showed each keyword had an average ranking of 1.77.

The rankings proved to be effective when we measured that the site had seen a 3000 percent increase in organic visitors – new visitors who got to the page by clicking on a search result. Holland Advertising came to this measurement when we saw only 13 organic visitors on the site in April 2014 but an exponential increase of 500 organic visitors in April 2015.

As of March 2017, Office Furniture Source’s keywords have remained on the first page of search engine results with an average ranking of 2.25 on Google and sales have continued to increase. Since our Cincinnati advertising agency has begun working with Office Furniture Source there have been significant increases in revenue each year.

Since 2012, Office Furniture Source’s sales have increased by 76%. In 2016, their sales were high enough to be granted their second consecutive year as a Cincinnati Business Courier Fast 55 finalist. We expect to see this trend continue as our Cincinnati advertising agency works alongside Office Furniture Source.

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Our Cincinnati Advertising Agency Begins Long Lasting Relationship With The Rug Gallery

Celebrating 80 Years of Client Success Stories • 1937-2017 • Blog 3 of 12

 Having been named “The Best Specialty Rug Retailer in America” by the Atlanta Floor Covering Market, The Rug Gallery is obviously the best rug retailer in the Cincinnati area. And they have been one of Holland’s loyal clients for over 25 years.

Our relationship with The Rug Gallery dates back to when Holland won over their business in 1990. Back then, The Rug Gallery was spending its marketing dollars on radio and black & white newspaper advertising. However, Holland Advertising realized The Rug Gallery was really in the business of selling color and its marketing strategy wasn’t successful.

As a solution, Holland eliminated the dollars invested in radio and newspaper and moved them into television. This way people would see the beautiful rugs in The Rug Gallery showroom. Additionally, our Cincinnati Advertising Agency negotiated highly effective and targeted media buys, placed bold outdoor advertising in targeted zip codes, and built an attractive, user-friendly website.

When The Rug Gallery moved to their Blue Ash Store back in 1992, Holland ran a 3-½ week Moving Sale with newspaper, radio, and television. The campaign was a huge success as it generated 3 months of sales in less than a month. By consistently bringing fresh ideas to The Rug Gallery, Holland Advertising was able to partner in an increase in The Rug Gallery’s sales by 400% within 14 years.

13 years later, we have continued to use television advertising to reach a wide audience for The Rug Gallery. Meanwhile, we have targeted specific audiences through digital advertising. In fact, for each sales promotion, we have targeted audiences based n demographics such as gender, age, zip codes, household income, and home ownership. Here are some of the ways we have used digital marketing to successfully increase The Rug Gallery’s business:

  • Website Development
  • Ecommerce Site Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Pre-Roll
  • Display Banners
  • Pay Per Click
  • Keyword Marketing

At Holland Advertising, we consider The Rug Gallery a great success story because we have drastically helped build their business.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at