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Husman’s Snack Foods: When Cincinnati’s Snack Partnered with Cincinnati’s Advertising Agency

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Vintage Husman’s Can

Husman’s Snack Foods has been a recognized brand in grocery stores across the Greater Cincinnati area for generations. It’s a brand that most consumers have grown up with and much of its marketing success can be attributed to Holland Advertising : Interactive. Just like some Cincinnatians may say their favorite ice cream is Graeter’s, many Cincinnatians will say their favorite potato chips are Husman’s. It’s one of the many success stories from our Cincinnati Advertising Agency.

Husman’s relationship with Holland Advertising began in 1958. Unlike other Cincinnati advertising agencies that on average have a client’s business 3-5 years, Holland had Husman’s Snack Foods as a client for 50 years. And it’s no wonder why—our marketing campaigns in the 60’s and 70’s spread the Husman’s name to the far reaches of the tri-state; including Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Lexington, and Frankfort. In fact, our capabilities earned the loyalty of Husman’s to continue our partnership as they experienced changes in leadership multiple times.
So what did we do to make Husman’s Snack Foods one of our many success stories? We did a lot. From bus advertising to T.V. and Radio spots, if it was possible then we did it. We even helped Husman’s with their product development.

Husman's Bus

Cincinnati Trolley Bus featuring Husman’s ad

Our most popular campaigns included a jingle developed by Earl Holland, our second-generation owner, which you can listen to by clicking here. Like most jingles, it’s hard to get out of your head. In fact, people still remember the classic “When the chips are down, be sure they’re Husman’s” tune because it was played so frequently on the radio and TV back in the day.

Our ten-second TV spots were also a success. These spots were meant to be cute and playful, and so, Earl Holland, allowed his children to be the talent. With Earl’s children, Mark, Bryan, and Carol, Husman’s appealed to children as well as adults. Their smiles assured children that Husman’s was a delicious snack and having them sit around a dinner table confirmed for parents that it could also be a tasty side dish.

These spots helped Husman’s become the number 1 snack in the Cincinnati snack market for over 20 years, and they are incredibly nostalgic. These T.V. spots give us a glimpse of the younger versions of our current business owners at Holland Advertising : Interactive. Although, they may not look the same, Bryan and Mark can still help businesses achieve a greater ROI on their marketing investments. They just won’t be in front of a camera next time they do it.

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we encourage you to scroll through stills from the classic video spots and ask you to share any memories you may have of the work we once did at Husman’s Snack Foods.

Would you like to become one of our many client success stories? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

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