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Our 7 Step Data Analytics Solution Optimizes Profitable ROI

Data analytics is an ever-increasing opportunity for companies and their marketing teams to learn more and more about their customers’ needs and wants. This is why companies that understand data analytics can gain an advantage over their competitors.

At Holland Advertising: Interactive, we use data analytics to strategically and systematically determine what marketing dollars are working and not working. We do this so that you can gain your competitive advantage. This specific use of data analytics is what we have called The Holland ROI Data Optimizer™. Read more about it below.

The Holland ROI Data Optimizer™:

  1. In our first step of data analytics, we will examine your customer data and create best customer profiles of groups of consumers that purchase products or services from you. This is based on your customer purchase history, demographics and all data you may have in your ERP System.
  2. We will then take consumer data and append about 130 demographic data points to your customer’s records (the average match is about 60%). Next, we will use data analytics to conduct a ranking and discovery of influential demographic data points for the appended demographic.
  3. Holland will visually create your best customer profile from the results of the data analytics. In addition, we will provide the emotive and inspirational insights for each best customer profile – this is critical for the successful execution of all the creative messaging.
  4. The Holland team will develop and execute a strategic ROI Marketing Plan based on the findings of the data analytics. The strategy we will employ will be to: TEST. MEASURE. LEARN. FINE-TUNE FOR OPTIMAL ROI SUCCESS.
  5. The marketing strategies will drive prospects to a dedicated landing page or website through very targeted digital marketing tactics and track each prospect who completes an online form for future data analytics.
  6. The Holland Data ROI Optimizer™ will track how much revenue each prospect is generating from each marketing tactic; therefore, a measureable ROI. This customer/prospect data is available 24/7 through a PowerBi digital dashboard. PowerBi is a software used to visualize data analytics.
  7. In our final step of data analytics, Holland will monthly, measure and evaluate campaign performance to continuously fine tune for optimal ROI success.
  8. With The Holland Data ROI Optimizer™, we make it simple for you to not only know more about your customer, but we also target specific customers who are more likely to give you business. To put it simply—The Holland Data ROI Optimizer™ is a unique form of data analytics and a better investment of your marketing dollars.

Would you like to see our 7 steps of data analytics in action? Contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at