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Are you in need of a content audit?

Content-AuditIn the age of information overload, there is no shortage of online content.  Be it good or bad, weak or strong, it’s everywhere.  You can easily see this on your own site, where you probably showcase a blog with regular posts, pages devoted to your products or services and copy supporting your brand or company identity.  This sheer amount of content can be a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, Google could reward you with higher search rankings for the sheer amount of content.  On the other hand, you could be killing the user experience and seeing low conversions. With changing search algorithms and an increasing shift toward focus on user experience and content relevance over sheer quantity, the importance of providing content that is helpful, informative and appealing to the target audience will only grow more important as time passes.

A routine evaluation of your site’s content might be helpful to make sure your content meets this criteria, is current and of high quality.  In these cases, a content quality audit is necessary.

When performing a content audit, there are a few characteristics to look for to routinely evaluate its quality, and ultimately produce that of higher quality.


It is imperative to ensure universal application of an appealing tone that caters to the wants or needs of your audience.  If you shift back and forth between a whimsical and monotone presentation from one piece of copy to the next, this generally doesn’t sit well with the reader.  People want (and expect) consistency, and you need to be sure to deliver consistent messaging.  If you realize that what you’ve been pushing out lacks consistency, figure out exactly how you want to portray yourself to the targeted audience, and eliminate or revisit anything that strays from this.


Photos or graphics of some kind are vital, as they not only enhance the overall user experience, but they also help with SEO when tagged accordingly. Graphics that you use should be interesting, add to the showcased copy and be appealing to the intended audience.  Sometimes a photo does the trick; other times it’s an infographic; other times it’s a diagram.  Whatever it is, be sure that it supports your copy and adds an extra little element of interest. If it doesn’t, you can swap it out for something better. If the content is weak based on other criteria, then you can (and should) just eliminate it.


This is often one of the most overlooked aspects of content, but it is one of the most vital—especially in terms of user experience.  When reviewing your content, you want to ensure that it is visually appealing, while also being easy to follow. Content today is meant to be able to be scanned, not necessarily always digested.  Be sure that your content has regular headlines and subheads to guide the reader’s eyes.  If your current content doesn’t have these, the solution is easy – add them.  If the content misses the mark on the other criteria, then consider eliminating it altogether.

Once you get in the routine of maintaining a focus on these characteristics and consistently seek to push out interesting content, you will quickly find that the occasional content audit will becomes much less of an undertaking and can grow to be enjoyable.

Ready to take some steps toward better content?  If so, we encourage you to chat with the Holland team.  We can help generate compelling content that not only drives people to your site, but keeps them coming back.  From blogs to general site copy, let us be your content generation experts! For more information, contact Bryan Holland at 513.744.3001, or email him at bholland@hollandadvertising.com.

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Joseph (Joe) Wendt is our data and analytics expert. Making sense of what most would deem unusable information is his unique passion, and he does it well.


As the President of Inner Join Technologies, Joe brings 12 years of consumer profiling, data integration, CRM, business intelligence and application development experience to the Holland team.

Joe loves taking overlooked pieces of information and molding them into valuable, strategic assets for his clients both large and small. He has worked for organizations ranging from the University of Kentucky to the Cincinnati Reds. Additionally, he has sat on a Major League Baseball (MLB) advisory board, using customer data to increase revenue.

Joe earned his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky, with a concentration in new media.

When not evaluating data or looking for trends, Joe can be found binge-watching the DIY Network and putting his newly-acquired home improvement skills to work on his own home. He also enjoys the outdoors, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting and golf.