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Full-Service Ad Agency v. In-House Marketing


The question endures: “As a company, should we invest in an in-house marketing department, or outsource our advertising work to a full-service ad agency?”  In a perfect world, a company would have both. A seamless combination of both internal and external forces to develop and execute a marketing plan is ideal; however, budgets oftentimes do not allow for that.  Many companies are forced to choose between the two.  So what does a full-service ad agency have to offer your company, and how could you benefit from their services?

Fresh Perspective

In-house marketers tend to stick with what has worked in the past, recycling old ideas and holding onto archaic ways of doing business, growing the brand, etc.  They tend to remain in the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality.  This makes sense, given the large amount of responsibilities that are placed on them on a regular basis.  Being immersed in an environment in which they are surrounded by nothing but their own brand doesn’t help either.  In fact, it often stifles a form of creative perspective needed to bring a uniquely successful marketing plan to life.

Full-service ad agencies bring that fresh perspective to a client’s business and brand.  They know what has worked for other clients, what will work for you and what is required to grow the brand.  The team of account executives, writers, designers, public relations and media professionals will each work to successfully implement your individual marketing plan, all while aligning with your company goals.

Variety of services

The vast majority of individuals in a company’s in-house marketing department are expected to juggle a variety of responsibilities.  They are often in charge of generating content, act as in-house designers when necessary, make website updates and handle media relations, among other tasks.  Generally speaking, they are no “expert” in those areas, but instead are expected to dabble in a little bit of everything.

Full-service ad agencies are called “full service” for a reason.  They typically have specific individuals in place to handle specific tasks. These include brand strategy, account service, creative, media, search engine optimization, social media and public relations specialists.  These individuals focus their energy at the agency on a single task or area of focus. This task allocation allows employees at full-service ad agencies to be a form of “expert” in their respective departments, constantly honing their skills and learning to quickly apply them.


Oftentimes, it makes sense financially to outsource marketing tasks to a full-service ad agency.  The money you invest in a marketing director’s salary ($79,000 on average) could be invested toward the development of a strategic marketing plan with marketing tactics and creative execution that a single person simply cannot possess.  A full-service ad agency will work with you and within your budget to develop and implement a cohesive and powerful marketing plan to help your business achieve its goals.

Want to know more about how your company could benefit from the services of a full-service ad agency?

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